2022 welcomes the 39th edition of SAUDI AGRICULTURE to the capital, an established exhibition showcasing leading technological advancements, innovative products and machinery alongside solutions for best practice in this sector. Under the patronage of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, our event demonstrates the Kingdom’s dedication to the industry with an aim to push boundaries, within the parameters of international compliance regulations, and join global leaders in advancing the agricultural land and seascape of the future.

This established exhibition provides an additional gateway to other essential areas of the business; SAUDI AQUACULTURE, SAUDI AGROFOOD, SAUDI FOOD PACK and SAUDI ORGANIC FOOD; all events will run concurrently at the capital’s leading exhibition venue.
4 events – 1 venue – 4 days.

SAUDI AQUACULTURE – an event dedicated to creating sustainable fisheries, the development of farming freshwater as well as marine plants and animals in a structured environment including the effective use of natural resources in neighboring countries. An insight into a cyclical, feasible approach to farming which also protects the food chain by producing plants for the fish to feed on.

SAUDI AGROFOOD – a hive of B2B activity attracting leading exhibitors from across the region to demonstrate the latest products, solutions and technologies in the lucrative food arena. A podium for the innovators to meet the investors to help reshape how the world effectively creates and sustainably consumes.

SAUDI FOOD PACK – a platform for discussion and progression on the topical subject of packaging and food production. A highly targeted exhibition incorporating pressing environmental issues and how new technologies, materials and processes can contribute to a more ecological route for manufacture of food, together with the production process and disposal of packaging. 


Our mission is simple, to promote the importance of sustainable, environmental innovation within the agricultural landscape, globally aligning the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with leading countries currently enabling progressive initiatives. Breaking barriers to reduce the ecological infringement farming and food production has on the world, mastering the techniques required to achieve independent, sustainable food security and standing at the forefront of arboricultural change.


Our vision for SAUDI AGRICULTURE is to continue to offer a territory that brings together key industry heads to develop and strengthen international relations, a hub for combining knowledge and skill sets to instigate global ecological initiatives. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia looks to be the birthplace of progress and change in agriculture, a sector vital for survival across the world. This begins with autonomy for the Kingdom’s food security, a vision attainable from the strong bonds this event builds with global innovators.

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