Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Afghan Red Pomegranate4-269FoodJuice
Afghan Royal Saffron4-264FoodSaffron
Afghanistan Red Gold Saffron4-250FoodSaffron
Faisal Fahim Company4-274FoodDried Fruits
Ghulami Brothers Ltd.4-277FoodCumin / Raisins / Watermelon Seeds / Dried Apricots / etc
Jamshid Ramin Ltd.4-259FoodSeeds / Raisins / Almond Kernels / etc
KANDA Fruit4-272FoodFruits
Mustafa Sultan Zada Ltd.4-262FoodAsafoetida / Spices
Rihan Aman Ltd.4-263FoodDried Fruits
TAK Dry Fruit Company4-279FoodDried Fruits
Takdana Ltd.4-254FoodFresh Dried Fruits and Nuts
Wais Sodais Ltd.4-260FoodOrganic Dried Fruits
Zemaray Rasoly Ltd.4-267FoodDried Fruits / Almonds / Pistachios / Apricots
Zeyaratjah General Trading L.L.C.4-270Food PackPacking of Dried Fruits
Zulqarnain Aziz Ltd.4-275FoodFresh Fruits and Vegetables
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Grow Group2-280GreenhouseConstruction & Installation
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Arab World Agribusiness Magazine3-280MediaMagazine
Manama Packaging Industry W.L.L.2-166Food PackPolythylene Films / Flexible Packaging
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Poultec NV3-264PoultryEquipment / Automation Solutions
SCE (Silo Construction & Engineering)1-353FoodStorage / Refrigeration
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Agromill Bulgaria 1928 Ltd.1-267FoodRice / Flour / Grains / Cereals
Bela Frukt AD1-262FarmingCherry Orchard
Bio-Z-Line Ltd.1-261FoodBio Products
Bor Chwor Ltd.1-167FoodDairy
EXQ – Exquisite Food Products Ltd.1-260FoodNatural Healthy Bars – Dried Fruits and Nuts / Pasta /
GBOO International LLC – GERMA1-169FoodDairy
Kondov Ecoproduction Ltd.1-165FoodDairy
NIKI-2017 Ltd.1-164Farming / LivestockSheep
Nik-Sot Group Ltd.1-266FoodGrains / Oil Seeds
Nova Trade Ltd.1-166FoodSoft Drinks / Spring Water
Ram Commerce Ltd.1-161Food / BeehiveHoney Petals Hoeny / Organic Honey
Smart Organic JSC1-163FoodVarious foods
Suico Eood1-265Food PackPacking of Rice / Beans / Sugar / Salt / Pasta / Canned Vegetables
Vas Milk Ltd.1-160FoodDairy (Milk / white cheese)
Yotovi Ltd.1-168FoodDairy
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Jamesway Incubator Company Inc.3-266PoultryChicks / Eggs
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Anhui Jienxun Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.3-175TechnologyEquipment & Machinery
Beijing Kingpeng International Agriculture Corporation3-160GreenhouseDesign / Production / Installation
Beijing Smile Feed Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd.1-363LivestockFeeds
Famsun Co., Ltd.4-429TechnologyAgricultural Equipment / Machinery
Guangzhou Leader Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.3-164FarmingCarotenoids
Henan Jinfeng Poultry Equipment Co., Ltd.3-262PoultryEquipment & Accessories
HGHY Pulp Molding Pack. Co., Ltd.3-178Food PackEgg Tray / Egg Carton / Fruit Tray / Cup Carrier / etc.
Jiangsu Five Continents Machinery Co., Ltd.3-174TechnologyFeed Machines / Feed Mill Plants
Lochamp Import & Export Co. Ltd.3-176Livestock / TechnologyFeed Equipment / Organic Fertilizer
Puyer Biopharma Ltd.3-171FarmingOrganic Fertilizer
Qingzhou Rainbow Modern Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.3-284GreenhouseTechnology Design / Production / Installation
Shandong Jienno Thermostat Equipment Co., Ltd.3-165GreenhouseCooling Systems & Materials
Shidai Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd.3-173FarmingLiquid Fertilizer
Xuzhou Kaixin Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd.3-168TechnologyUltrasound Imaging
Yifan Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd.3-170FarmingAgrochemicals
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Valmena Ltd / Quadra Machinery SAL2-240PoultryHouses / Cages
Czech Republic
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Dortisimo. CZ S. R. O3-150FoodSugar Paste / Cake Decoration
MACH Export3-150PoultryChicks / Eggs
Rajzl Export Import S.R.O.3-150FoodOrganic Vanilla / Chocolate Muffins / etc.
Semix Spluso Spol. S.R.O.3-150FoodGrains Snacks / Flakes / Bakery Mixes / Etc.
The Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic3-150Government OrganizationMinistry of Agriculture
Viking Masek, A.S.3-150Food PackEquipment (Packaging Machines)
Vizard, S.R.O.3-150FoodCake
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
SKOV A/S3-250PoultryManagement Systems
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Advanced Metal Design1-455FoodEquipment & Machinery
Eddygypt Giordano Poultry Plast1-178PoultryEquipment / Machinery
Sixth of October for Agricultural Projects4-326Farming / FoodCrops / Vegetables / Citrus / Fruits / Potato
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Bioproton4-479PoultryFeed Supplements / Additive
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Chief TechnologyGrain Storage / Handling / Conditioning
C-Lines International1-339TechnologyPrefabricated housings
Desialis4-346LivestockAnimal Feed
Dosatron International3-267Livestock / Irrigation / Water TreatmentVeterinary / Fertigation / Waste Water Treatment
Hubbard3-156PoultryBroiler Breeding Stock
Richel Group3-270GreenhouseSolutions / Management
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG2-259FarmingEquipment & Machinery
Big Dutchman International GmbH1-149PoultryEquipment / Systems
Biochem Zusatzstoffe2-270LivestockVetirinary
Cumberland1-339Farming / TechnologyEquipment / Machinery
DLG (German Agriculture Society)1-354OrganizerAgricultural Event
Specht-Ten Elsen Gmbh & Co. KG3-260PoultryEquipment / Cages / Batteries
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Diopas SA4-110AquacultureNet Cages
Ophellia Ltd.3-141FoodOil / Vinegars
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Beehive Farms Pvt. Ltd.1-362Beehive / FarmingHoney
Gartech Equipments Pvt. Ltd.1-264PoultryEquipment / Systems
Janatha Fish Meal and Oil Products1-360FarmingOrganic Fertilizer
Sagar Aquaculture Pvt. Ltd.3-179AquacultureEquipment (Paddle Wheel Aerator)
Sona Agrotex Pvt. Ltd.1-176FarmingAgro sunshade nets / Anti Insect Nets / Bird Net / Olive Net
Sri Devaraja Agro Industries / IQF Foods Pvt. Ltd.1-427FoodFruits / Puree / Concentrates
Wallfrin Exports1-456FoodSynthetic Food Colour
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Celplast SRL2-164Food PackPackaging of Eggs
CMC Industries3-240Poultry / TechnologyEquipment / Machinery
Eurofeed Technologies S.p.A.2-170LivestockFeed Additives
G. Mondini SpA3-240Food PackTray Sealing Packaging
Gigola & Riccardi Spa3-265Poultry / GreenhouseEquipment and Accessories
Gruppo Carli2-250LivestockAnimal Feed
Itasystem SRL4-120Food PackTags / Labels / Traceability Solutions
La Vittoria S.R.L.2-256LivestockAnimal Feeds
Magniplast S.p.A.2-265GreenhouseFiberglass corrugated sheets and rolls
SKA Poultry Equipment2-269PoultryEquipment
SO.PR.E.D.2-260LivestockAnimal Feed
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Al Jazeera Agricultural Group Co.2-180PoultryProcessing of Fresh & Frozen Chicken
Alayyan Greenhouses1-543GreenhouseEquipment and Systems
Qetaf Jordan for Agriculture Inv. Co. Ltd.1-470GreenhouseSteel Structure / Polycarbonate / Fiberglass / Cooling Systems
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Works & Building Co. (al-Qahtani Insulation Material Factory)1-440Food PackBoxes
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Agricool Group1-324Poultry / GreenhouseEquipment and Systems
Daccache Agriculture1-422GreenhouseMaterials / Systems
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Geno Global AS / Norweigian Red4-320LivestockDairy Cattle Breed
Greencap Solutions AS4-320GreenhouseSolutions / Systems
Smart Farm AS4-320FarmingBi-valves
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Abam Food Sp.z.o.o.1-525FoodMilk
Goshka Sp. z o. o.3-147FarmingNatural Soil Improvers (Volcanix)
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Eurogreen Fresh Class Vegetables1-175FoodVegetables
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Agroexport, FSBI4-330Trade AgencyAgriculture
CJSC “Krasnobor4-330FoodMeat
Grain Holding LLC (Ruskie Melnitsy LLC)4-330FoodWholegrain Wheat Flour
Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan4-330Government OrganizationAgricultural Products
Molvest Group of Companies4-330Farming / LivestockDairy / Animal Feed
Resource Group of Companies4-330PoultryMeat
Saudi Arabia
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
A. A. Consulting & Engineering BV3-240FoodMeat & Water
Agricultural Development Fund4-420FinanceAgricultural Fund
Agricultural Machinery and Materials Co. Ltd.1-340FarmingPesticide, Seeds, Fertilizer, Equipment, Veterinary
Agricultural Support Company Ltd. (ASCO)1-460FarmingFertilizer
Agricultural Technology Co.3-274Food / LivestockEquipment & Machinery
Agrosupplies & Development Co.1-330FarmingFertilizer / Pesticide / Equipment
Ajaweed Farm for Agricultural Production1-420FarmingVegetables / Figs / Dates / Citrus
Akel Trading & Industrial Co. Ltd.1-410FarmingIrrigation Systems & Equipment
Al Badayil Investment Trading Co.4-469LivestockFeeds
Al Hagas Factory for Wheat Packaging & It’s Derivatives2-182Food PackWheat Packaging
Al Jammaz Est.1-139FarmingPesticide, Seeds, Fertilizer, Equipment, Veterinary
Al Kenana House Factory1-274GreenhouseEquipment and Systems
Al Khumasia Co. for Feed & Animal Products3-130Livestock / PoultryFeed Mill / Broiler Breeder Farm & Hatchery
Al Naeem Trading & Agriculture Establishment1-370Greenhouse / FarmingGreenhouse Materials / Seeds / Fertilizer / Pesticide
Al Rajhi & Almisfer Agricultural Co.1-450FarmingWheat / Barley / Fodder
Al Roudah Green House Factory1-359GreenhouseEquipment and Systems
Al Watania Grand Parents1-119PoultryEquipment and Systems
Alahmari Group1-135FarmingFertilizer
Almarai Company4-430FoodDairy
Altayseer Chemicals & Fertilizers4-350FarmingChemical / Fertilizer
Alyaseen Agriculture Co.1-240FarmingVegetables / Fruits / Seeds / Agrochemicals / Fertilizer
Arasco3-210FoodFood Products
Artat Enterprise2-230Livestock / PoultryVetirinary
ASM Process Automation4-369TechnologyEquipment & Machinery
Biogen Saudi3-169LivestockBiotechnology / Solutions
Buhler Group1-239FoodsGrains & Foods Digital Technologies
Care Water1-438TechnologyWater Treatment
Dairy Farms Supporting Center1-230Farming / LivestockDairy / Veterinary
Desert Agriculture1-430Greenhouse / LivestockVegetables / Animal Fooder / Seeds / Fertilizer
Erzam Agriculture & Trading Co.1-259FarmingPesticide, Seeds, Fertilizer, Equipment, Veterinary
Fakieh Poultry Farms Co.2-110Poultry / Food / FarmingChicken Meat / Eggs / Processing
Flora Engineering Services1-469GreenhouseHydroponic
Hamad S. Al-Hawas & Partner Co.1-434IndustrialHygiene Materials / Solutions
Hamoud Ali Al-Khalaf & Partner for Technogreen1-140Livestock / FarmingAnimals
Horizon Foods4-323Livestock / FoodSheep / Meat
ICE – Italian Trade Agency2-267Government OrganizationForeign Business Relation
Kemyea Yanbu for Industry1-355FarmingFertilizer
Khairat Feeds Company2-210Poultry / LivestockFeed Additives
King Faisal University4-370EducationAgricultural Education
Leenalkhair2-249Farming / FoodFresh Vegetables and Fruits
Makarim Al Wissam Livestock Feed Factory3-230LivestockAnimal Feeds
Maram Feed Plant for Concetrates & Cubes3-120LivestockAnimal Feeds / Concentrates
Masader Renewable Energy, Water & Environmental Security Ltd. Co.1-540GreenhouseCooling Systems / Farming System / Solar Pumps
Meyn2-159PoultryProcessing & Packing
MHR International Company1-459Horticulture / ForestryEquipments & Construction
Middle East Agriculture Co. (MEAC)4-470Water Technology / IrrigationSolutions / Applications
Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture (MEWA)4-410Government OrganizationMinistry of Environment, Water & Agriculture
Modern Control Industrial Services (MCC)1-270LivestockAnimal Feeds
Mohammed A. Basheikh Sons Company Ltd.1-425Livestock / VeterinaryAnimal Health
National Feed Co. Ltd. (Feedco)1-120LivestockAnimal Feed
National Fisheries Development Program (NFDP)4-310Aquaculture / Government OrganizationFisheries Development Program
National Industrialization Company4-240FoodTitanium Dioxide
Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality4-224Government OrganizationMinistry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
Raffia Factory Co., Ltd.1-373Food PackLeno Bags / Agrotwine / Baler Twine / Cable / Filler Yarn
Raji H. Alamoudi Plastic Factory1-545Food PackLeno Bags / Yarns
SABK Industrial Equipment Co. Ltd.1-550Industrial TechnologyEquipment
Salem Al-Humaidi Partners Trading & Agriculture Co. Ltd.2-149FarmingManagement Solutions
Saud Abdulaziz Al-Shalan Co.4-155FoodFood Laboratories
Saudi Agricultural & Livestock Investment Company1-220LivestockInvestment Fund
Saudi Ajal for Health Services Co.1-510FoodFood & Feed Testing Services
Saudi Aquaculture Society4-310Government OrganizationAquaculture
Saudi Basic Industries  Corporation (SABIC)3-110Food PackPlastics
Saudi Drip Irrigation System Co. Ltd.2-130IrrigationPipes and Applications
Saudi Feed Premixes Co. Ltd.4-439LivestockFeed Additives / Vitamins and Minerals Premixes & concentrates
Saudi Harvest co. for Agricultural Investment and Development1-379FarmingOrganic Agriculture Management
Saudi Irrigation Organization4-360Government OrganizationIrrigation
Saudi Mais Co. for Irrigation Systems Ltd.1-249IrrigationPipes and Fittings
Saudi Organic Farming Associations (SOFA)1-310Government OrganizationOrganic Farming / Products
Signify Saudi Arabia4-220Farming / HorticultureLighting Technology
Sorouh Agricultural Co.1-210FarmingSeeds / Pesticides
Tabuk Fisheries Company4-114Aquaculture / FarmingFish Farming
Technical Co. for Manufacturing Agricultural Equipments Ltd.1-560FarmingEquipment / Machinery
Yanbu Specialized Chemical Plant1-357Farming / HorticultureChemical Plant
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
AEFA Spanish Dehydrated Alfalfa Manufacturers1-320LivestockFeeds
Exportation Alfalf Feed S.L.1-320LivestockAnimal Feed
Haarslev3-240FoodProcessing Equipment
Iberalfa1-320LivestockAnimal Feeds
Rufepa Tecnoagro, S. L.2-282GreenhouseConstruction & Installation / Management
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Maxpro Products Ltd.2-162FoodDried Foods
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Ottimale Ltd.2-247FoodSeeds / Beans / Spices / Fruits / Etc.
The Netherlands
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Bosman Van Zaal1-130GreenhouseTechnologies & Systems
Dalsem Complete Greenhouse Projects2-165GreenhouseSystem / Installations
Debets Schalke / DS Hortitrade3-269GreenhouseSystem / Installations
Elpress BV3-240IndustrialHygiene Materials / Sulotions
Hoogendoorn Growth Management & MST Holland Greenhouse Electric Technology & Irrigation2-177HorticultureAutomation Systems
Jansen Poultry Equipment1-322PoultryEquipment / Systems
Marel Further Processing BV3-240Poultry / FoodMeat & Fish Processing
Marel Meat B.V.3-240Poultry / FoodMeat Processing Equipment
Marel Poultry3-240Poultry / TechnologyProcessing Equipment
Marel Water Treatment B.V.3-240Water Technology / IrrigationWater Water Treatment / Water Sludge Separation
Royal Brinkman2-169Farming / HorticultureManagement Solutions
Tea By Me B.V.4-229FoodTea
Van Aarsen International2-155LivestockFeeds / Premixes
Van Der Hoeven Horticultural Projects B.V.3-158HorticultureGlasshouse
VDL Agrotech2-179LivestockEquipment (Feeding and Drinking Sytems / Cooling and Drying Systems)
Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions2-167Food PackEquipment (Palletizing Machines)
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Blue Fish4-474AquacultureFish
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Alberk Poultry Processing3-155PoultryProcessing / Equipment / Systems
Aytav Poultry Equipments1-155PoultryProcessing / Equipment / Systems
Eurotecs Celik San, Tic. Ltd. Sti.3-259PoultryBarns / Breeders / Cages / Slaughter House /
Gures Technology2-140Poultry / LivestockEggs / Animal Feeds
Kutlusan Poultry Equipment3-144PoultryEquipment / Systems
OR YEM Makina Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S.1-350Technology / LivestockFeed Machinery / Systems
Skretting4-320AquacultureManagement / Systems
Tavsan Poultry Equipment Inc.3-249PoultryEquipment
UBM NTSR fuar Gosteri Hizm. A.S.2-242GreenhouseEvent Organizer
Company’s names
Stand No Sector Subsector/Product
Al Dahra 4-440 Livestock Animal Feed
Emirates Industrial Panel 1-425 Industrial Insulation / Sandwich Panels
Food Business Gulf & ME 1-180 Media Food Magazine
Gulf Agriculture / Livestock & Poultry Middle East 1-180 Media Agricultural Magazine
IFFCO Animal Nutrition 4-324 Livestock Animal Feeds
MBM Amnex Technologies LLC 1-322 Farming Management Solutions
Moba Middle East FZCO 2-160 Food Pack Grading, Packaging and Processing of Eggs
RNZ International 1-282 Farming Fertilizer
Stone Wings USA 4-460 Farming / Livestock Hay Growers / alfalfa / Bermuda / Timothy
Teeba Engineering Industries LLC 1-361 Food Pack Date Fruit Processing and Packaging Machinery
Vetbio concepts FZ LLC 3-159 Livestock Veterinary (Animal Health Diagnostics)
Agrotonomy Corp. 1-170 Farming Tower Farms
Responsive Drip Irrigation, LLC 1-419 Irrigation Systems / Organic chemistry

Riyadh Exhibitions Company Ltd. (REC)
launched in 1980 in Riyadh, the prominent Arab hub in the region. We have been a pioneer in the events field in Saudi Arabia and the region by offering a broad range of event organizing services for trade shows, conventions, conferences and seminars. Since our formation, REC has planned and executed more than 440 events spanning vital commercial and economic sectors in the country.


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