Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Afghan Red Pomegranate4-269FoodJuice
Afghan Royal Saffron4-264FoodSaffron
Afghanistan Red Gold Saffron4-250FoodSaffron
Faisal Fahim Company4-274FoodDried Fruits
Ghulami Brothers Ltd.4-277FoodCumin / Raisins / Watermelon Seeds / Dried Apricots / etc
Jamshid Ramin Ltd.4-259FoodSeeds / Raisins / Almond Kernels / etc
KANDA Fruit4-272FoodFruits
Mustafa Sultan Zada Ltd.4-262FoodAsafoetida / Spices
Rihan Aman Ltd.4-263FoodDried Fruits
TAK Dry Fruit Company4-279FoodDried Fruits
Takdana Ltd.4-254FoodFresh Dried Fruits and Nuts
Wais Sodais Ltd.4-260FoodOrganic Dried Fruits
Zemaray Rasoly Ltd.4-267FoodDried Fruits / Almonds / Pistachios / Apricots
Zeyaratjah General Trading L.L.C.4-270Food PackPacking of Dried Fruits
Zulqarnain Aziz Ltd.4-275FoodFresh Fruits and Vegetables
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Grow Group2-280GreenhouseConstruction & Installation
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Arab World Agribusiness Magazine3-280MediaMagazine
Manama Packaging Industry W.L.L.2-166Food PackPolythylene Films / Flexible Packaging
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Poultec NV3-264PoultryEquipment / Automation Solutions
SCE (Silo Construction & Engineering)1-353FoodStorage / Refrigeration
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Agromill Bulgaria 1928 Ltd.1-267FoodRice / Flour / Grains / Cereals
Bela Frukt AD1-262FarmingCherry Orchard
Bio-Z-Line Ltd.1-261FoodBio Products
Bor Chwor Ltd.1-167FoodDairy
EXQ – Exquisite Food Products Ltd.1-260FoodNatural Healthy Bars – Dried Fruits and Nuts / Pasta /
GBOO International LLC – GERMA1-169FoodDairy
Kondov Ecoproduction Ltd.1-165FoodDairy
NIKI-2017 Ltd.1-164Farming / LivestockSheep
Nik-Sot Group Ltd.1-266FoodGrains / Oil Seeds
Nova Trade Ltd.1-166FoodSoft Drinks / Spring Water
Ram Commerce Ltd.1-161Food / BeehiveHoney Petals Hoeny / Organic Honey
Smart Organic JSC1-163FoodVarious foods
Suico Eood1-265Food PackPacking of Rice / Beans / Sugar / Salt / Pasta / Canned Vegetables
Vas Milk Ltd.1-160FoodDairy (Milk / white cheese)
Yotovi Ltd.1-168FoodDairy
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Jamesway Incubator Company Inc.3-266PoultryChicks / Eggs
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Anhui Jienxun Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.3-175TechnologyEquipment & Machinery
Beijing Kingpeng International Agriculture Corporation3-160GreenhouseDesign / Production / Installation
Beijing Smile Feed Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd.1-363LivestockFeeds
Famsun Co., Ltd.4-429TechnologyAgricultural Equipment / Machinery
Guangzhou Leader Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.3-164FarmingCarotenoids
Henan Jinfeng Poultry Equipment Co., Ltd.3-262PoultryEquipment & Accessories
HGHY Pulp Molding Pack. Co., Ltd.3-178Food PackEgg Tray / Egg Carton / Fruit Tray / Cup Carrier / etc.
Jiangsu Five Continents Machinery Co., Ltd.3-174TechnologyFeed Machines / Feed Mill Plants
Lochamp Import & Export Co. Ltd.3-176Livestock / TechnologyFeed Equipment / Organic Fertilizer
Puyer Biopharma Ltd.3-171FarmingOrganic Fertilizer
Qingzhou Rainbow Modern Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.3-284GreenhouseTechnology Design / Production / Installation
Shandong Jienno Thermostat Equipment Co., Ltd.3-165GreenhouseCooling Systems & Materials
Shidai Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd.3-173FarmingLiquid Fertilizer
Xuzhou Kaixin Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd.3-168TechnologyUltrasound Imaging
Yifan Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd.3-170FarmingAgrochemicals
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Valmena Ltd / Quadra Machinery SAL2-240PoultryHouses / Cages
Czech Republic
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Dortisimo. CZ S. R. O3-150FoodSugar Paste / Cake Decoration
MACH Export3-150PoultryChicks / Eggs
Rajzl Export Import S.R.O.3-150FoodOrganic Vanilla / Chocolate Muffins / etc.
Semix Spluso Spol. S.R.O.3-150FoodGrains Snacks / Flakes / Bakery Mixes / Etc.
The Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic3-150Government OrganizationMinistry of Agriculture
Viking Masek, A.S.3-150Food PackEquipment (Packaging Machines)
Vizard, S.R.O.3-150FoodCake
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
SKOV A/S3-250PoultryManagement Systems
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Advanced Metal Design1-455FoodEquipment & Machinery
Eddygypt Giordano Poultry Plast1-178PoultryEquipment / Machinery
Sixth of October for Agricultural Projects4-326Farming / FoodCrops / Vegetables / Citrus / Fruits / Potato
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Bioproton4-479PoultryFeed Supplements / Additive
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Chief TechnologyGrain Storage / Handling / Conditioning
C-Lines International1-339TechnologyPrefabricated housings
Desialis4-346LivestockAnimal Feed
Dosatron International3-267Livestock / Irrigation / Water TreatmentVeterinary / Fertigation / Waste Water Treatment
Hubbard3-156PoultryBroiler Breeding Stock
Richel Group3-270GreenhouseSolutions / Management
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG2-259FarmingEquipment & Machinery
Big Dutchman International GmbH1-149PoultryEquipment / Systems
Biochem Zusatzstoffe2-270LivestockVetirinary
Cumberland1-339Farming / TechnologyEquipment / Machinery
DLG (German Agriculture Society)1-354OrganizerAgricultural Event
Specht-Ten Elsen Gmbh & Co. KG3-260PoultryEquipment / Cages / Batteries
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Diopas SA4-110AquacultureNet Cages
Ophellia Ltd.3-141FoodOil / Vinegars
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Beehive Farms Pvt. Ltd.1-362Beehive / FarmingHoney
Gartech Equipments Pvt. Ltd.1-264PoultryEquipment / Systems
Janatha Fish Meal and Oil Products1-360FarmingOrganic Fertilizer
Sagar Aquaculture Pvt. Ltd.3-179AquacultureEquipment (Paddle Wheel Aerator)
Sona Agrotex Pvt. Ltd.1-176FarmingAgro sunshade nets / Anti Insect Nets / Bird Net / Olive Net
Sri Devaraja Agro Industries / IQF Foods Pvt. Ltd.1-427FoodFruits / Puree / Concentrates
Wallfrin Exports1-456FoodSynthetic Food Colour
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Celplast SRL2-164Food PackPackaging of Eggs
CMC Industries3-240Poultry / TechnologyEquipment / Machinery
Eurofeed Technologies S.p.A.2-170LivestockFeed Additives
G. Mondini SpA3-240Food PackTray Sealing Packaging
Gigola & Riccardi Spa3-265Poultry / GreenhouseEquipment and Accessories
Gruppo Carli2-250LivestockAnimal Feed
Itasystem SRL4-120Food PackTags / Labels / Traceability Solutions
La Vittoria S.R.L.2-256LivestockAnimal Feeds
Magniplast S.p.A.2-265GreenhouseFiberglass corrugated sheets and rolls
SKA Poultry Equipment2-269PoultryEquipment
SO.PR.E.D.2-260LivestockAnimal Feed
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Al Jazeera Agricultural Group Co.2-180PoultryProcessing of Fresh & Frozen Chicken
Alayyan Greenhouses1-543GreenhouseEquipment and Systems
Qetaf Jordan for Agriculture Inv. Co. Ltd.1-470GreenhouseSteel Structure / Polycarbonate / Fiberglass / Cooling Systems
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Works & Building Co. (al-Qahtani Insulation Material Factory)1-440Food PackBoxes
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Agricool Group1-324Poultry / GreenhouseEquipment and Systems
Daccache Agriculture1-422GreenhouseMaterials / Systems
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Geno Global AS / Norweigian Red4-320LivestockDairy Cattle Breed
Greencap Solutions AS4-320GreenhouseSolutions / Systems
Smart Farm AS4-320FarmingBi-valves
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Abam Food Sp.z.o.o.1-525FoodMilk
Goshka Sp. z o. o.3-147FarmingNatural Soil Improvers (Volcanix)
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Eurogreen Fresh Class Vegetables1-175FoodVegetables
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Agroexport, FSBI4-330Trade AgencyAgriculture
CJSC “Krasnobor4-330FoodMeat
Grain Holding LLC (Ruskie Melnitsy LLC)4-330FoodWholegrain Wheat Flour
Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan4-330Government OrganizationAgricultural Products
Molvest Group of Companies4-330Farming / LivestockDairy / Animal Feed
Resource Group of Companies4-330PoultryMeat
Saudi Arabia
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
A. A. Consulting & Engineering BV3-240FoodMeat & Water
Agricultural Development Fund4-420FinanceAgricultural Fund
Agricultural Machinery and Materials Co. Ltd.1-340FarmingPesticide, Seeds, Fertilizer, Equipment, Veterinary
Agricultural Support Company Ltd. (ASCO)1-460FarmingFertilizer
Agricultural Technology Co.3-274Food / LivestockEquipment & Machinery
Agrosupplies & Development Co.1-330FarmingFertilizer / Pesticide / Equipment
Ajaweed Farm for Agricultural Production1-420FarmingVegetables / Figs / Dates / Citrus
Akel Trading & Industrial Co. Ltd.1-410FarmingIrrigation Systems & Equipment
Al Badayil Investment Trading Co.4-469LivestockFeeds
Al Hagas Factory for Wheat Packaging & It’s Derivatives2-182Food PackWheat Packaging
Al Jammaz Est.1-139FarmingPesticide, Seeds, Fertilizer, Equipment, Veterinary
Al Kenana House Factory1-274GreenhouseEquipment and Systems
Al Khumasia Co. for Feed & Animal Products3-130Livestock / PoultryFeed Mill / Broiler Breeder Farm & Hatchery
Al Naeem Trading & Agriculture Establishment1-370Greenhouse / FarmingGreenhouse Materials / Seeds / Fertilizer / Pesticide
Al Rajhi & Almisfer Agricultural Co.1-450FarmingWheat / Barley / Fodder
Al Roudah Green House Factory1-359GreenhouseEquipment and Systems
Al Watania Grand Parents1-119PoultryEquipment and Systems
Alahmari Group1-135FarmingFertilizer
Almarai Company4-430FoodDairy
Altayseer Chemicals & Fertilizers4-350FarmingChemical / Fertilizer
Alyaseen Agriculture Co.1-240FarmingVegetables / Fruits / Seeds / Agrochemicals / Fertilizer
Arasco3-210FoodFood Products
Artat Enterprise2-230Livestock / PoultryVetirinary
ASM Process Automation4-369TechnologyEquipment & Machinery
Biogen Saudi3-169LivestockBiotechnology / Solutions
Buhler Group1-239FoodsGrains & Foods Digital Technologies
Care Water1-438TechnologyWater Treatment
Dairy Farms Supporting Center1-230Farming / LivestockDairy / Veterinary
Desert Agriculture1-430Greenhouse / LivestockVegetables / Animal Fooder / Seeds / Fertilizer
Erzam Agriculture & Trading Co.1-259FarmingPesticide, Seeds, Fertilizer, Equipment, Veterinary
Fakieh Poultry Farms Co.2-110Poultry / Food / FarmingChicken Meat / Eggs / Processing
Flora Engineering Services1-469GreenhouseHydroponic
Hamad S. Al-Hawas & Partner Co.1-434IndustrialHygiene Materials / Solutions
Hamoud Ali Al-Khalaf & Partner for Technogreen1-140Livestock / FarmingAnimals
Horizon Foods4-323Livestock / FoodSheep / Meat
ICE – Italian Trade Agency2-267Government OrganizationForeign Business Relation
Kemyea Yanbu for Industry1-355FarmingFertilizer
Khairat Feeds Company2-210Poultry / LivestockFeed Additives
King Faisal University4-370EducationAgricultural Education
Leenalkhair2-249Farming / FoodFresh Vegetables and Fruits
Makarim Al Wissam Livestock Feed Factory3-230LivestockAnimal Feeds
Maram Feed Plant for Concetrates & Cubes3-120LivestockAnimal Feeds / Concentrates
Masader Renewable Energy, Water & Environmental Security Ltd. Co.1-540GreenhouseCooling Systems / Farming System / Solar Pumps
Meyn2-159PoultryProcessing & Packing
MHR International Company1-459Horticulture / ForestryEquipments & Construction
Middle East Agriculture Co. (MEAC)4-470Water Technology / IrrigationSolutions / Applications
Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture (MEWA)4-410Government OrganizationMinistry of Environment, Water & Agriculture
Modern Control Industrial Services (MCC)1-270LivestockAnimal Feeds
Mohammed A. Basheikh Sons Company Ltd.1-425Livestock / VeterinaryAnimal Health
National Feed Co. Ltd. (Feedco)1-120LivestockAnimal Feed
National Fisheries Development Program (NFDP)4-310Aquaculture / Government OrganizationFisheries Development Program
National Industrialization Company4-240FoodTitanium Dioxide
Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality4-224Government OrganizationMinistry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
Raffia Factory Co., Ltd.1-373Food PackLeno Bags / Agrotwine / Baler Twine / Cable / Filler Yarn
Raji H. Alamoudi Plastic Factory1-545Food PackLeno Bags / Yarns
SABK Industrial Equipment Co. Ltd.1-550Industrial TechnologyEquipment
Salem Al-Humaidi Partners Trading & Agriculture Co. Ltd.2-149FarmingManagement Solutions
Saud Abdulaziz Al-Shalan Co.4-155FoodFood Laboratories
Saudi Agricultural & Livestock Investment Company1-220LivestockInvestment Fund
Saudi Ajal for Health Services Co.1-510FoodFood & Feed Testing Services
Saudi Aquaculture Society4-310Government OrganizationAquaculture
Saudi Basic Industries  Corporation (SABIC)3-110Food PackPlastics
Saudi Drip Irrigation System Co. Ltd.2-130IrrigationPipes and Applications
Saudi Feed Premixes Co. Ltd.4-439LivestockFeed Additives / Vitamins and Minerals Premixes & concentrates
Saudi Harvest co. for Agricultural Investment and Development1-379FarmingOrganic Agriculture Management
Saudi Irrigation Organization4-360Government OrganizationIrrigation
Saudi Mais Co. for Irrigation Systems Ltd.1-249IrrigationPipes and Fittings
Saudi Organic Farming Associations (SOFA)1-310Government OrganizationOrganic Farming / Products
Signify Saudi Arabia4-220Farming / HorticultureLighting Technology
Sorouh Agricultural Co.1-210FarmingSeeds / Pesticides
Tabuk Fisheries Company4-114Aquaculture / FarmingFish Farming
Technical Co. for Manufacturing Agricultural Equipments Ltd.1-560FarmingEquipment / Machinery
Yanbu Specialized Chemical Plant1-357Farming / HorticultureChemical Plant
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
AEFA Spanish Dehydrated Alfalfa Manufacturers1-320LivestockFeeds
Exportation Alfalf Feed S.L.1-320LivestockAnimal Feed
Haarslev3-240FoodProcessing Equipment
Iberalfa1-320LivestockAnimal Feeds
Rufepa Tecnoagro, S. L.2-282GreenhouseConstruction & Installation / Management
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Maxpro Products Ltd.2-162FoodDried Foods
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Ottimale Ltd.2-247FoodSeeds / Beans / Spices / Fruits / Etc.
The Netherlands
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Bosman Van Zaal1-130GreenhouseTechnologies & Systems
Dalsem Complete Greenhouse Projects2-165GreenhouseSystem / Installations
Debets Schalke / DS Hortitrade3-269GreenhouseSystem / Installations
Elpress BV3-240IndustrialHygiene Materials / Sulotions
Hoogendoorn Growth Management & MST Holland Greenhouse Electric Technology & Irrigation2-177HorticultureAutomation Systems
Jansen Poultry Equipment1-322PoultryEquipment / Systems
Marel Further Processing BV3-240Poultry / FoodMeat & Fish Processing
Marel Meat B.V.3-240Poultry / FoodMeat Processing Equipment
Marel Poultry3-240Poultry / TechnologyProcessing Equipment
Marel Water Treatment B.V.3-240Water Technology / IrrigationWater Water Treatment / Water Sludge Separation
Royal Brinkman2-169Farming / HorticultureManagement Solutions
Tea By Me B.V.4-229FoodTea
Van Aarsen International2-155LivestockFeeds / Premixes
Van Der Hoeven Horticultural Projects B.V.3-158HorticultureGlasshouse
VDL Agrotech2-179LivestockEquipment (Feeding and Drinking Sytems / Cooling and Drying Systems)
Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions2-167Food PackEquipment (Palletizing Machines)
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Blue Fish4-474AquacultureFish
Company’s namesStand NoSectorSubsector/Product
Alberk Poultry Processing3-155PoultryProcessing / Equipment / Systems
Aytav Poultry Equipments1-155PoultryProcessing / Equipment / Systems
Eurotecs Celik San, Tic. Ltd. Sti.3-259PoultryBarns / Breeders / Cages / Slaughter House /
Gures Technology2-140Poultry / LivestockEggs / Animal Feeds
Kutlusan Poultry Equipment3-144PoultryEquipment / Systems
OR YEM Makina Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S.1-350Technology / LivestockFeed Machinery / Systems
Skretting4-320AquacultureManagement / Systems
Tavsan Poultry Equipment Inc.3-249PoultryEquipment
UBM NTSR fuar Gosteri Hizm. A.S.2-242GreenhouseEvent Organizer
Company’s names
Stand No Sector Subsector/Product
Al Dahra 4-440 Livestock Animal Feed
Emirates Industrial Panel 1-425 Industrial Insulation / Sandwich Panels
Food Business Gulf & ME 1-180 Media Food Magazine
Gulf Agriculture / Livestock & Poultry Middle East 1-180 Media Agricultural Magazine
IFFCO Animal Nutrition 4-324 Livestock Animal Feeds
MBM Amnex Technologies LLC 1-322 Farming Management Solutions
Moba Middle East FZCO 2-160 Food Pack Grading, Packaging and Processing of Eggs
RNZ International 1-282 Farming Fertilizer
Stone Wings USA 4-460 Farming / Livestock Hay Growers / alfalfa / Bermuda / Timothy
Teeba Engineering Industries LLC 1-361 Food Pack Date Fruit Processing and Packaging Machinery
Vetbio concepts FZ LLC 3-159 Livestock Veterinary (Animal Health Diagnostics)
Agrotonomy Corp. 1-170 Farming Tower Farms
Responsive Drip Irrigation, LLC 1-419 Irrigation Systems / Organic chemistry