2022 welcomes new features to SAUDI AGRICULTURE, how artificial intelligence introduces a futuristic approach to farming improving efficiency, sustainability and profit for the industry. Together we can revolutionize the future of farming and continue, with nearly 40 years of experience as a respected event, certifying the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a major player in the Agricultural sector. The areas of agri-tech covered at the show include:

Artificial Intelligence…

As the population grows and food demand is high, efficiency and productivity are key. The agricultural industry is now incorporating artificial intelligence to assist with various processes including data, pest control and checking the soil to maximize growth. Join the conversation at SAUDI AGRICULTURE to see how agri-tech can help the future of farming by reducing workload for a sustainable and effective world.

Drones & Aerial Imaging are amongst latest needed technologies…

Drones are amongst latest technologies expected to significantly impact the agricultural sector. Drones play a major role in farm mapping, aerial crop health monitoring, soil assessment, crop spraying, irrigation, inspection, and other agricultural applications. Farming comes with huge responsibility involving continuous supervision to ensure everything is growing correctly and no disease has struck the crop. Farmers have introduced drones to fly around taking photos and capture data for analysis. The exhibition will facilitate the discovery of latest technologies that will reduce labour intensive farming activities and expedite the monitoring process crucial for successful efficient production.

Robotics in green houses are playing a growing role in modern greenhouses…

Agriculture robots have stepped into greenhouses around the world, responsible for spraying, planting, and packing fruit and vegetables grown in greenhouse environments. The robotics technologies and innovations are expanding in modern greenhouses designed to further automate agriculture, boost productivity, reduce labour, and attract young skilled staffing into the sector.

Sensors and agricultural software and applications enhance planning and control for efficient controlled farming…

Soil conditions, humidity, and pest control are amongst latest vital information that can be delivered via sensors and related information processing apps to support efficient farm managers that want to expand their planning and control of their farms, and recognize threats to their crops before the situations become acute so they can mitigate such threats. State of the arts farming technology providers are being invited to participate in Saudi Agriculture 2022.


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